Projection show on the Theatre square on the City Days 2010

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Senator of Poland Vladislav Ortyl with colleagues, experts in housing sector, made official visit to Chernivtsi on December 8-9. Meetings with officials from the City Council and executive bodies of power were held during the visit. Issues with regard to involvement of Polish and European investments into housing and communal services of the city, in particular, attraction of Polish experience and investments into reconstruction of Chernivtsi airport terminal, construction of new and re-equipment of the existing parking lots with the use of new technologies, were discussed. Problems related to removal of solid waste, installation of stationary bio-toilets, fulfillment of restoration works were considered.

“We are ready to cooperate with the Polish side, attract experience and financial capabilities of our partners, as quality of works performed and their compliance with European standards are especially important besides the price” – said Deputy Mayor Vasyl Timofeev during the meeting.

Mr. Senator together with Polish partners confirmed the willingness to cooperate and develop relationships with Chernivtsi and assured the City Council representatives in the probability of further study of the possibility of cooperation expansion outside relationship between Chernivtsi and Poland towards the European Union and joint European structures.

Delivery to the Chernivtsi City Council of the Carpathian Memorandum by the Senator Ortyl became a result of the meeting besides arrangements in housing and utilities. The Memorandum’s purpose is to coordinate activities of the seven countries of the region.

This document will by studied by the relevant departments of the City Council; then the next meeting, where the paper will be agreed by all the parties is scheduled. During their visit the delegation from Poland also met with Rector of the Chernivtsi Yuriy Fedkovych National University Stepan Melnychuk and Head of the Chernivtsi Adam Mickiewicz Regional Society of Polish Culture Vladislav Strutynsky.

International Affairs Sector

Solemn meeting on the occasion of the day of local self-governance was held in Chernivtsi Regional Philharmonic Society. Chernivtsi City Council Secretary Vitaliy Mykhaylishyn took part in the celebrations.
“Parliament passed the law “On local councils, national deputies and local governments” exactly twenty years ago. This very day started the recent history of local government in our country” said Vitaliy Mikhaylishyn.

Interactive radio bridge “Chernivtsi – New York” eventuated at the New York information and news radio station “Davidzon Radio” on the night of December 4 to 5. Secretary of the Chernivtsi City Council Vitaliy Mykhaylishyn became a guest of the radio broadcasting. He contacted with people from Bukovyna and Russian-speaking Americans in a live radio broadcast.

The idea of a ​​live broadcast occurred during stay in Chernivtsi of our compatriot Oleg Tubinshlak, known as DJ “Dusik” – presenter of one of the most popular radio stations in the U.S. “Davidzon Radio”, daily audience of which makes up around 500 thousand people, and the total audience is more than a million ones. Network of the station covers New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Boston. “Davidzon Radio” can be also heard online in the Internet.

While in Chernivtsi in the early fall of this year DJ “Dusik” – son of the famous athlete David Tubinshlak – was pleasantly surprised by the positive changes taking place in the city. No less he was impressed by openness and sincerity of the Chernivtsi City Council Secretary Vitaliy Mykhaylishyn. At the same time the idea to launch interactive radio bridges between New York and Chernivtsi occurred.

A few days before the program, having heard the announcement that for the first time it would be possible to communicate with an official from Ukraine in a live broadcasting at the Russian-language radio in America, a great many of calls was received from immigrants from Bukovyna. Employees of “Davidzon Radio” hardly managed to write down all the questions, so numerous they were.

More than 350 interested persons wanted to communicate with the head of the city municipality on the day of the program. Difference in time was 7 hours, i.e. it was 1 AM in Chernivtsi and prime-time – 6 PM in America (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Boston). Questions were very diverse and ranged from everyday – arrangement of the Jewish cemetery to global – renaming of the city of Chernivtsi to the known around the world city of Czernowitz and return monuments Black Eagle and Pieta to the city. People who called radio station «Davidzon Radio» were extremely pleased that they are listened in their native city of Chernivtsi, and that they can be heard.

Employees of the Office of Information, Public Relations and International Affairs of the Chernivtsi City Council, who together with Oleg Tubinshlak initiated and directly organized radio bridge “Chernivtsi – New York”, express their gratitude to the president of “Davidzon Radio” Gregory Davidzon and DJ “Dusik” – presenter of the “Prorok” program for the exclusive live radio program, which is likely to become traditional and enable communication and cooperation between citizens of Chernivtsi and “our Americans” – descendants from Bukovyna.

Chernivtsi City Council Secretary Vitaliy Mykhaylishyn noted that having talked with “American Bukovynians” he was impressed that the city of Chernivtsi – our “Little Paris” –wais loved and known all over the world!

Information and Public Relations Sector

From 23-30 June 2011 the second international youth summer school on Judaism will be held in Chernivtsi. It will be organised by the youth organisation “Youth association for religious studies” and its president Larissa Vladichenko. Co-organisers are the Chernivtsi Museum for History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews and the Chernivtsi Yuriy Fedkovytch University. The person in charge of the summer school and the project in general will be Anna Maria Basauri Syusina.

The summer school is a reaction to the significant increase of antisemitism and intolerance in Ukrainian society over the last years and to the social distance to fellow citizens of Jewish faith, which was demonstrated by sociologic studies.

The aim of the summer school is to give the participants deep and impartial knowledge on the history, culture and traditions of the Jewish people, basics of the Jewish faith and religious practises of Judaism, on characteristics of the present life of Jewish communities in and outside Ukraine, and on current problems in the relations between different religions.

The program of the summer school includes talks by lecturers of the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academia”, the National Drahomanov University of Education, the Chernivtsi National Yuriy Fedkovytch University, representatives of “Midreshet Yerushalayim” in Ukraine and staff of the Chernivtsi Museum for History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews. Also there will be presentations of research papers and meetings with representatives of Jewish organisations of the city and region. The participants will get to know the historic-cultural heritage of Bukovina, and  there will be a broad cultural program and trips to the surroundings.

The participants of the summer school are 20 university students and post-graduates from Ukraine and some other countries.

The official opening of the summer school will be on 23 June at 11 am in the Red Hall of Yuriy Fedkovytch University (Kotsyubynskyy St 2).

Contest of bartenders (juniors) of restaurants, bars, cafés and special schools took place on February, 22 2011 in the restaurant “Hard Rock” with assistance of the Department of Economics of the City Council and Private Enterprise “Center for Information and Food Technologies”.

The contest was aimed to improve the level of personnel professional training and increase prestige of mass occupations in restaurant management, acquaint the publicity with modern directions of barmen art, increase drinking culture, education and professional experience exchange and to identify the best junior bartenders, support development of creative young people.

Bartenders contest was held in three categories: “Pouring Test”, “Classics” and “Freestyle”.

Gold medals were awarded to Irychuk O.M. (KNUTE) and Kalistratov A.S. (“Grand Prix” Café);